How to Protect Your Personal Data as You Shop Online this Holiday Season

The holiday season can be quite an exciting time of the year. From the beautiful decorations to the catchy songs, there is no reason to not embrace a little holiday cheer. However, along with all the joy the holiday season brings, it also brings forth an increase in criminal activity. This is especially true online. In a time when online shopping is prominent, the internet has seen its fair share of increased criminal activity. From identity thefts to faulty products; customers are not sure who to trust anymore. So before you start your holiday shopping this year, be sure to … Continued

Three Reasons Why Encryption Is The Future of Online Privacy

In our modern digital age, online privacy is extremely hard to maintain. Encryption is clearly the top-contender in online privacy tools and will ultimately be the future of online security because the method is secure, safe and it offers true privacy. Edward Snowden explains, “Encryption works. Properly implemented strong crypto systems are one of the few things that you can rely on.” The Most Secure Online Privacy Tool The biggest reason that encryption is the future of online privacy is that it is the most secure method to date. It is considered so secure because the method uses extremely complicated … Continued

How To Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

A Modern Menace The Internet have undoubtedly revolutionized our lives and made many activities such as banking and shopping much more convenient. With the click of a button, we can now do in 10 seconds what used to take an afternoon. However, with such convenience also comes risk. Online identity theft is a crime that can happen all too easily to unsuspecting victims, and can ruin your finances and your life. Thus, you would be wise to take these simple steps to prevent your identity from being stolen. Password Security Many people are too complacent with their passwords. They use … Continued

Five Free Online Privacy Tools To Help You Protect Your Personal Data

The possibility of having your computer hacked, personal information stolen or online activities tracked is becoming more and more of a threat. Hackers continually develop methods, invent codes and software in order to gain access to the private lives of unsuspecting victims. Avoiding potential infections generally requires exercising caution. Precautions include not opening links in email or instant messages, not downloading or installing software without first thoroughly researching the program and company, etc. However, there still remains a chance of becoming a victim. There are a number of free safeguards that you can use to thwart threats and protect your data. … Continued

Newsletter: Developments at ICLOAK

First… a Full Disclosure I usually have someone on our staff write these monthly updates and then I review them and add/remove/edit content and then approve it to be sent off to you.  This month is different.  I have some REALLY IMPORTANT INFORMATION which I want to share with you and I hope you to read this entire message to learn how you can help us make ICLOAK even better for you. As a THANK YOU for reading through this long newsletter, I have buried a special discount code in this message that you can use or share with friends … Continued

Privacy Badger’s Triple-Play Online Privacy Protection

Privacy is a sacred element for many people, especially on the web. You probably want to relax and know that you can surf the Internet on your own time without having your activities broadcast to an uninvited third-party lurker. Privacy Badger, by the EFF is the latest online privacy tool to hit the Internet. The Chrome extension will be of great service to you if you’re looking to solidify your online privacy. The following are three ways that Privacy Badger can help you protect your private data online: 1. Detects and Deflects Invisible Trackers Various advertising companies install invisible trackers to keep track … Continued

Online Privacy: Tradeoffs and Trends

Now more than ever, we live in a world of data. Our personal information has become one of the hottest commodities of the Internet Age. Marketers fight for demographic data, purchase history data, personal interest data, and any data at all that might help them convince us to purchase their products. Social media platforms and search engines have made their fortune on selling our data to these marketers so they can target ads to our specific characteristics. On the one hand, this has sparked a massive online privacy movement that has pressured major Internet companies to create binding privacy policies … Continued

Three Potential Privacy Threats Posed By Wearable Tech

As new technology is introduced, it can improve people’s lives in ways they didn’t expect. However, this change does not come without risk. One of the risks of people using new tech is the possibility of having their privacy invaded and their anonymity lost. This can lead to very serious consequences for your safety and financial livelihood. New wearable technology has raised security concerns with industry watchers. Below are a few of the reasons why. 1. The Potential Sale of Your Information Health monitoring devices are a very common form of wearable technology. These devices can do things like record … Continued

How Data Breach Hacks are Affecting Cyber Security

Just about every month of the past year has brought news of a new data breach, leak, or hack at a major company. The most recent target was the U.S. federal government itself. These breaches are concerning for any company that relies on the Internet as a significant portal. Furthermore, the damage of such breaches can be extensive. The Ponemon Institute conducts an annual study analyzing data breaches. For 2015, the researchers found that the average cost of a breach is 3.8 million dollars, with an average cost per record of $154. Big Data One of the largest changes to … Continued