ICLOAK - Five Free Online Privacy Tools To Help You Protect Your Personal Data

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The possibility of having your computer hacked, personal information stolen or online activities tracked is becoming more and more of a threat. Hackers continually develop methods, invent codes and software in order to gain access to the private lives of unsuspecting victims. Avoiding potential infections generally requires exercising caution. Precautions include not opening links in email or instant messages, not downloading or installing software without first thoroughly researching the program and company, etc. However, there still remains a chance of becoming a victim. There are a number of free safeguards that you can use to thwart threats and protect your data.


Hackers may use covert methods of determining personal data by monitoring the keystrokes that are typed online. In this way the keyloggers steal data by visualizing the letters and numbers that victims enter. However, KeyScrambler from QFX Software foils the exploit by encrypting every character that you type. Once downloaded and initiated, the program displays a small window at the top of the screen as you type. Words are then encoded, which are not decipherable by hackers. The program initiates automatically at start-up, is simple to use and does not require any skill or action on your part. KeyScrambler functions in more than 40 browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Internet users have a greater chance of unwittingly acquiring spyware compared to computer viruses. Spyware comes in many forms that include annoying pop-ups or those redirecting you to other websites. Some malware also has the ability to hide unnoticed and steal personal information, which may include banking or credit card data. Malwarebytes is a downloadable application that has proven itself successful in detecting and removing malware and spyware. The program also features rootkit detection capabilities. Users must however, keep the program updated manually.

Spybot Search & Destroy

The lightweight program scans for adware, malware and spyware. Spybot works efficiently and quietly in the background when scanning, although it must be initiated manually. Updates are also performed manually. If a problem is detected, the program provides the user with the opportunity to quarantine or completely eliminate the threat. There is also a restore feature in the event that something is deleted unintentionally. An immunization option assesses existing files and adds protective measures designed to prevent infection.


This simple program works in the background unnoticed to protect PCs from undesirable adware, browser hijackers, cookies, spyware tracking cookies, dialers, Active-X-based software and other harmful programs. There is no need for a scanning option, as Spywareblaster prevents possible invasions from the get go while running continually. The system snapshot feature analyzes the PC while not infected so that changes can easily be detected or corrected at a later date if needed. Unless purchasing the premium program, the user must update the software manually.

Avast! Anti-Virus

Though not as prevalent these days, viruses are still around and wreaking havoc from time to time. Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of having a PC contaminated with a virus can attest to the devastation that these programs cause. Using anti-virus software is vital to preventing costly problems. Avast! does not take a lot of space or system resources and includes anti-rootkit defenses. The comprehensive software protects PCs from a number of threats that might be found while Internet browsing, reading emails, hiding in local files, P2P connections or lurking in instant messages. The software additionally contains a “heuristics engine” that finds hidden threats that might have been formerly missed. Avast! is compatible with operating systems spanning from XP to Windows 10. Users must register the software after 30 days and yearly thereafter to maintain full functionality.

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