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By Eric B. Delisle August 12, 2015 General No comments yet

First… a Full Disclosure

I usually have someone on our staff write these monthly updates and then I review them and add/remove/edit content and then approve it to be sent off to you. This month is different. I have some REALLY IMPORTANT INFORMATION which I want to share with you and I hope you to read this entire message to learn how you can help us make ICLOAK even better for you.

As a THANK YOU for reading through this long newsletter, I have buried a special discount code in this message that you can use or share with friends to get 20% OFF the newest edition of ICLOAK® Stik – 12GB – for a limited time only!

Keep reading to find it. ????

Besides, I saved the most exciting news about our BRAND NEW PRODUCT in development for the end of this newsletter. Of course now… you will probably skip everything else just to read that part, but then you will have to go back and find the coupon code anyway!

ICLOAK® Stik Updates

Since March, 2015, we have shipped thousands of devices out to users in dozens of countries! The feedback has been VERY positive even considering a first release that still had many bugs needing to be squashed. We have shipped 5 full updates to ICLOAK Stik since it was released only 5 months ago and we have killed enough bugs to make Raid Max proud.

On product development, the months of June and July have been months of fine-tuning the product to improve performance, work on more and more hardware, and fix bugs.
We have sold out of our “First Edition” ICLOAK Stiks and they have been replaced with a fully factory sealed version.

Here is what the final new design looks like:

Now, the *NEW* ICLOAK® Stik now has 50% more storage space at 12GB for the same price! It is actually a 16GB drive (DOUBLE the previous 8GB version), but we are using 4GB for the hidden partition which contains all of the ICLOAK Goodness!

More Ordering Options

We are also excited to announce ICLOAK Stik is now available on both Amazon and Ebay! Amazon is also now fulfilling all of our online orders whether on Amazon or our own site. They provide incredibly fast shipping and easy notification and tracking for your packages. Now, you and your friends have two more options to grab the NEW ICLOAK® Stik.

Here is the “hidden” discount code to buy the new one at 20%:ICS20OFF When you checkout at our website, ICLOAK.org, or on Amazon, just enter that code in the “Discount Code” field for OUR website or the “Promotion Code” field on Amazon.

Buy Anonymously

We have had a number of people contact us asking if it is possible to purchase ICLOAK Stik in some other manner than on our website because they want to be absolutely sure there isno record of their purchase. Since we have had a number of requests, we decided to make it a standard option for those who wish to get an ICLOAK Stik this way.

We have added Bitcoin as a payment option, although, it is important to note that there are theoretical ways of tracing the actual bitcoins used back to the wallet they came from. If you don’t know about Bitcoin tumbling and other methods for anonymizing your bitcoins, this may not be the best option, but it is available if you want to buy with Bitcoin. NOTE: The Bitcoin option only shows up in the “Payment” step when checking out on our website’s shopping cart.


The safest way to purchase an ICLOAK Stik is to simply put $100 in CASH in an envelope and include a piece of paper with the address you want the ICLOAK Stik mailed to.

We will take your piece of paper with the shipping address and tape it to the envelope.


37 N. Orange Ave.
Suite 1025
Orlando, FL 32801

The only record we will have in our records is that we sold an ICLOAK Stik for cash and shipped one somewhere. We will NOT keep your name, address, or the envelope you send it in. In fact, we even send the envelope you send us back with your shipment.

ICLOAK Stik Help is Here!

If you have found bugs or just have questions about how things work with ICLOAK Stik, we have created a new Help area in our website. You can find the new Help Ticket system, FAQs and Quick Start Guide at: ICLOAK.org/help

State of Privacy

In the last couple months we’ve seen quite a number of dramatic stories break regarding online privacy and security. In late June the Senate passed Fast Track legislation that will give the White House and the U.S. Trade Representative almost unilateral power to negotiate and finalize secret anti-user trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

We also saw an ICANN working group propose that website owners be compelled to disclose their identity, bypassing the proxies that such entities currently use. This would mean anyone who reports a copyright infringement or any other legal complaint can trigger the exposure of the true owner of a website. This is potentially a huge privacy challenge especially for sites that host emotive content that could cause significant damage to the individual(s) who own the site.

The government was also hit hard this past month when emails and passwords from 47 government agencies were leaked online, showing privacy is not only a problem for the masses but for the government itself as well.

Other stories that made the news last month include thehacking of Hacking Team, a company at the forefront of covert spying operations on behalf of governments and organizations across the globe; the appointment by the UN of a Special Rapporteur on Right to Privacy; and hearings began on theFBI’s request to have sanctioned backdoors built into encryption algorithms.

While these stories seem disparate they paint a picture of faltering online privacy and security, teetering on the brink ofonline armageddon. The good news is that organizations like the EFF are taking the fight back to those undermining these fundamental Internet rights, something we should all the supporting very vocally.

Latest Posts from Our Blog

We also cover important and useful online privacy, security and anonymity issues on our blog. In case you missed them, here’s a recap of all the posts we published through June and early July:

FINALLY… A New Product from ICLOAK Inc.

Over the last few months we have been hearing from different people about our product and considering our future. It turns out, there are MANY times more people who care more about the security of the computer they work on than they do about being Anonymous.

In general, no average person using the Tor network is going to have their identity compromised from tracking them.

However, it turns out that many people LOVE the idea that ICLOAK Stik provides a guaranteed secure computer system even when using it on a computer that is already KNOWN to be compromised by Malware, Keystroke Loggers, Cryptoware, Viruses, etc. We have even heard from people that are even using ICLOAK Stik because their hard drive crashed and they needed to get online to use their Gmail or other accounts and because ICLOAK Stik doesn’t need or use your hard drive, it works fine even on a system with a bad hard drive.

We are committed to providing tools for Privacy, but we are getting more and more requests to provide an environment where average users (who don’t understand the complex world of computer security) can do the things they consider most sensitive in a guaranteed secure, closed system, when they are doing things like online banking, shopping, taxes, handling medical records, and more.

Unfortunately, when you use Tor, many of the banking and e-commerce websites can wrongly believe that because you appear to be coming from Austria or the Netherlands, you may be a “hacker”. This usually prompts annoying security questions or multi-factor authentication. Plus, users have been asking for simple ways to store files they want to access, website links, and other customizations.

Our answer was to create a new product, based on our ICLOAK Platform, that is more focused on Computer Security and making it an easy, secure, portable, guaranteed safe place to do the things you don’t want a criminal getting access to!

This is where YOU come in! I NEED YOUR HELP to make sure this next product is something that does what YOU want it to do.

We are creating an entirely new user interface, deciding on new features, and we are building a simple, turnkey Secure Cloud based system to store encrypted backups of your settings, passwords, accounts. We are even launching a secure private network with super fast speeds for streaming video and/or audio in a way that is MUCH faster than on Tor or other anonymizing networks.

We have had many people tell us they use ICLOAK Stik to circumvent geo-location content blocking but they find the speeds through Tor are sometimes not great when streaming content.

I know that when I want to watch Game of Thrones, I don’t care about being Anonymous! I just want my connection to HBO Go to be really fast.

Over the coming months I will be reaching out to you to ask you to help me decide on the features that people really need and want.

RIGHT NOW I could use your help with 2 small favors…

1) Help Pick Our New Logo
The new product is called SafeCloak™. We are working on creating our new logo and branding for it and I would LOVE your vote on which of the finalist designs you like best.

Please check out the SafeCloak™ Logo Design Poll  and Vote on your favorite.

2) Help Provide Ideas, Feedback and Feature Requests
We have started a new mailing list for people who are interested in learning more and helping us chart the course for the new product as it is being developed over the coming months.

Please visit: SafeCloak.com  and enter your email if you are willing to respond to questions, make suggestions, and even get on a live, interactive Alpha development environment to get sneak peeks at our designs, interfaces, features, and help add your feedback and opinions to this exciting new project.

That’s it for now folks. Thanks for reading this LONG update and see you next month!

PS – If you missed it, go back and find the 20% Off Discount Code earlier in this update and send it to a friend or use it to get your hands on the newest ICLOAK® Stik NOW!

Until next time, stay safe.

In Liberty,

Eric B. Delisle, CEO
Email: Eric@ICLOAK.org

Eric B. Delisle

A serial Entrepreneur, With a broad base of experience from being a pet shop owner, working in radio, putting the first Virtual Reality Systems in Disney World, fundraising, import/export, cyber security, everything technology related, sales and marketing, to market research and channel distribution working for MTV Networks/Viacom, consultant to the National Science Foundation on SBIR funding proposals, and currently investing in real estate, startups, and founding and running ICLOAK, Inc.

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