ICLOAK - Three Reasons Why Encryption Is The Future of Online Privacy

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In our modern digital age, online privacy is extremely hard to maintain. Encryption is clearly the top-contender in online privacy tools and will ultimately be the future of online security because the method is secure, safe and it offers true privacy. Edward Snowden explains, “Encryption works. Properly implemented strong crypto systems are one of the few things that you can rely on.”

The Most Secure Online Privacy Tool

The biggest reason that encryption is the future of online privacy is that it is the most secure method to date. It is considered so secure because the method uses extremely complicated mathematical operations that can take hackers and computers an infinite amount of time to crack. The process of encrypting a message involves generating a random key and using mathematical operations to scramble the original message. Without the key, it is impossible to decode the original message. If the generated keys are secure, the math is accurate and the method is implemented properly, then no modern computer can break the code and reveal the original message. It becomes unfeasible to even attempt to solve the mathematical algorithms presented with this type of security. This leaves a true opportunity for real online privacy tools that cannot be broken by hackers or decrypted by the government.


With the vast amount of data we put online, it is necessary to keep some information private from certain eyes. Recent news stories involving presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton highlight the desperate need for private communications online to preserve our nation’s safety. Vadim Makarov, a physicist at the Institute for Quantum Computing, “Once the technology to crack classical encryption becomes available in the future, all the secrets become compromised retroactively. This is just not acceptable for many kinds of secrets, like medical, political, military secrets.” True end-to-end encryption is the future of online privacy because it can offer real safety for governmental agencies privy to the latest technology. These agencies can protect sensitive information with virtually uncrackable keys and algorithms.

True Privacy

End-to-end encryption devoid of backdoors can offer people true online privacy. Current methods of online privacy are not as secure as they may seem. Methods used by top companies like Facebook, Skype, Apple and Google decrypt your personal communications at their centers before re-encrypting it for the recipient. This method severely compromises our right to privacy because the government can step in and demand our private communications from these companies. The New York Times reported that in 2014 the National Security Agency was obtaining particular company’s private encryption keys in a variety of unsavory ways including court orders, force, altering the company’s software and even downright stealing them. By doing so, the NSA became privy to millions of users private communications. End-to-end encryption, in contrast, allows for our basic right to privacy. This method does not have any backdoors for the government, criminals or any other agency to sneak through. Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt explains, “Remember: anyone can create a cryptosystem that he himself cannot break.”

Looking to the future

The United Nation’s Human Rights Council has spoken favorably towards encryption and its unique ability to promote private, secure and free human communication. Mr. Kaye, a UN special reporter, explains, “Encryption and anonymity provide individuals and groups with a zone of privacy online to…exercise freedom of expression without arbitrary and unlawful interference or attacks.” As humans, we are endowed with the right to freedom of expression, and we can ensure this right remains intact through properly implementing encryption. Julian Assange, a huge proponent for freedom of the internet, speaks highly of encryption. He quotes, “We discovered something. Our one hope against total domination…The universe believes in encryption.”

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