Quick start guide

Step 1

Power Off your computer

Step 2

Plug ICLOAK® Stik into your USB slot.

Step 3

Press & Hold (a "Boot Key") on your keyboard immediately after you power on your computer

How do I find my "Boot Key"?

Run the ICLOAK_Helper.exe to learn the Boot Key for your PC
On MAC hold the “Options” key
Choose ICLOAK Stik from the Boot Device List & press enter to begin
Select the ICLOAK icon & press Enter to begin

In-depth guide to booting

Booting from a Mac.

ICLOAK can boot from most modern Macs, including portables.
The standard boot key for Macs is the "Option" key also known as "ALT" key.

While your Mac is booting hold the "Options" key before and during the boot chime.
You should then see a list of available bootable devices. On Macs the ICLOAK stiks are labeled "EFI Device" with an ICLOAK Drive icon displayed above them.

Booting from a PC.

Once you know your boot key the ICLOAK boot procedure is as follows:

1. Restart or turn on your computer
2. Hold down your computer's respective boot key
3. Select ICLOAK from the list of available boot devices with your arrow keys and press Enter key

Most PC manufacturers use ESC or the F12 as the Bootkey, but we've added a helper app to identify your PC's Bootkey. Simply plug in your ICLOAK to your Windows Computer and start the ICLOAK_Helper.exe program thats on the USB drive.

How you can protect your online privacy

1. Do not give any of your passwords to any one you do not trust fully. Not the computer repair guy nor that friendly neighbor helping you with your taxes.

2. Be vary cautious of any websites that ask you for sensitive information but do not use HTTPS.

3. Never reply to email from persons you do not know, especially those that ask you to press a link.

4. Unless using ICLOAK, be very careful of using public computers. Think twice before using public computers to visit sensitive websites such as your bank or other financial website.