When used properly, ICLOAK can turn even virus infested computers into a secure computer. It's designed to use anonymous networks like Tor to browse the internet Anonymously without leaving any trace of internet activity on the computer.


With the touch of a button even the most non-technical person can secure their own computer. Just plug it in, restart, and it works!


This tiny device contains an entire secure computer environment that you can use at home, at work, or wherever you go. Until now, security pros, governments, hackers and cyber criminals have been able to use these tools. Now, all of us have access to powerful security tools to protect our passwords, money, safety and security.

ICLOAK USB stick in product packaging
Two Powerful Choices

One year of Free Feature Upgrades *

Subsequent years of upgrades are $50 per year

Lifetime of free security updates

Unconditional money back guarantee


Lifetime of FREE feature upgrades *

*Best Overall Value

Lifetime of free security updates

Unconditional money back guarantee

*Does not include premium services


"But I Use Some Other Security Tool like Incognito"

Think Again

ICLOAK lives only in the part of the memory that gets erased every time you tun off your computer. Turn your computer off, start it normally and nothing that you did has been saved, unless you want it saved. Because we don’t access your hard drive ever, ICLOAK can never be infected by the nasty programs hackers use to violate your privacy, steal your passwords or compromise your identity.

There are plenty of schemes that purport to make you anonymous or "untraceable" on the internet. The most misunderstood is "incognito" mode on a browser.

Sorry, but if the hard drive is active, you are easy prey to hackers and criminals who would do you harm.

All of these methods solve only part of the problem. ICLOAK solves them all.

Incognito VPN Anti-Virus
Comparison Pricing Free Most $83/yr** $39.95/yr** $99/yr
Truly Anonymous Browsing

Being anonymous online means making sure the sites and services you visit cant identify you specifically. The ability to be truly anonymous online requires advanced protocol configuration and network tools, all of which are turned on by default with ICLOAK.

Access to Tor

Tor is a large community of shared network access that can be challenging to use without special tools. Using Tor can dramaticallly obscure your online presence and identity which is often useful for various online activities.

Secure Operating System

Regardless of how you use your computer, the first step to being safe is making sure your operating system is not compromised. You might be using a computer with unknown viruses and malware, but with ICLOAK you can be sure that each session is pristine every time you boot up - a level of safety that isnt easily otherwise obtained.

Leaves No Trace Online

Your online activities can be monitored or recorded from your computer, your internet service provider, your online access point or from the sites you visit. ICLOAK has advanced features and configurations that allow you to use the internet without leaving identifying traces as you surf the web.

Prevents Browser Fingerprinting

Web browsers consider lots of factors when running on your computer, including the system fonts installed, extensions installed, etc. These configurations can be used to make a unique identifier that can be tracked between websites to follow your online activity. ICLOAK does a great job at making you look like every other icloak user, so its harder to pinpoint who is who.

Virus, Malware and Trojan Protection

Viruses, Malware and other malicious software can be lurking in your hard drive and you may not even know. They can be used by hackers or other bad actors to steal your credentials and activities discretely in the background while evading traditional anti-virus software. How much do you really trust that your computer is free of viruses and malware? with ICLOAK, you can have an infected hard drive - we dont even turn the hard drive on, all the programs you need are included on the ICLOAK Stik.

Key Logging/Screen Capture Protection

Viruses or malware can be used to capture your keystrokes as you type or worse they can even take screenshots discreetly and then send all the information back to the hackers who can use the information against you. With ICLOAK, your hard drive is never turned on which means the viruses and other malicous software stays dormant.

Defeats Geo Content Blocking

Certain websites use your IP address to identify the contry of origin, serving different content depending on where you appear to be coming from. With ICLOAK you can easily change your IP address and appear to be accessing websites from entirely different contries.

Secure Updates

As the hackers and bad actors learn how to circumvent security measure s in place it will be important for your tools to be up to date with the newest security features and protocol. ICLOAK has a robust and secure update channel that we use to maintian the most current security patches so your can be sure your one step ahead of the bad guys.

Deleted Session Cookies

Cookies are used by websites to track users between sessions, but they can also be used to identify your activities. The cookies are stored on your computer, and with ICLOAK, every time you finish your session the cookies are destroyed.

Erases Session History

If you use your computer to access various websites, its just as important to be sure that the computer itself isnt keeping a record of your activities. ICLOAK inherently destroys the data of your session after each use so you can be sure that there is nothing left on the computer to identify your online session.

* No security system will ever be perfect, not even ICLOAK®. Excercise caution when you use any security system

** PC Magazine's Editor's Choice 2015


how to plug a USB drive into your computer

Welcome to the world of knowing that you are using some of the best, most sophisticated tools that, until now have only been the provence of hackers, security professionals, governments and criminals. That little stick in your hand packs a heavy punch.

If you're a Mac user, turn off your machine , insert the Stik, then turn the machine back on holding down the option button to boot from ICLOAK

If you're a Windows user, keep the computer on and insert the Stik. Open the program named ICLOAK helper and there is a list of USB boot keys depending on your machine. Find the one that lists your machine. It's an exhaustive list, but if your machine is not listed then search for <your computer type> USB Boot Key.

Once you know which button to press while your computer is turning on, turn off your computer, insert the Stik while holding the USB Boot key. The ICLOAK interface will come up with all the pre-loaded programs you need to be anonymous and secure.



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